Book 167.  16 Fabric Lampshades
Designer Series Patterns

lampshade lampshades lampshade
lampshades lampshade tiffany shade
lampshade lampshades chandeliers
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  1. Slip-on Bubble Shade
  2. Shirred Chain Cover Bubble Shade
  3. Bathroom Bubble Shade
  4. Dining room Shade with matching Tablecloth
  5. Lamp Base and Bubble Shade for Babys Room
  6. Pleated Lampshade
  7. Pleated Lampshade with matching Photo Frame
  8. Bedroom Lampshade
  9. Tiffany Lampshade
  10. Sunroom and Bedroom Tiffanies
  11. Cone Lampshade
  12. Dining Room Chandelier
  13. Fabric covered Lamp Base
  14. Round Tablecloth

  • How to for fabrics, frames and fittings
  • Helpful do and don'ts
  • How to wire diagram

  • 26 pages
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