Book 174.   Porcelain-izing Silk Flowers

porcelain silk flowers necklaces broaches silk flowers hat flowers purse flowers applique silk flowers flower hair accessories
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  1. Porcelain Necklace
  2. Paper Doilies and Porcelain Flowers
  3. White Doily Heart Necklace
  4. Gold Paper Lace Pin-on
  5. Porcelain Flowers Hat Band
  6. Lace and Porcelain Jewelry - Lace Fan, Nose Gay Pin, Bow Pin and Bow Earrings
  7. Porcelain Flowers and Lace Appliques
  8. Lace Applique Neckline Necklace
  9. Applique and Porcelain Purse Trim
  10. Porcelain Flowers on Headband
  11. Porcelain Flowers on Barrettes
  12. Flowers On Giftwrap Pin-ons

  • Color photo instructions
  • Using porcelain-ize dip for silk flowers
  • 24 pages

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