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Book 617.  Country Quilts
Dated Winter 2000
Quilting Patterns

vintage quilts trip around the world flying kites lone star
railroad crossing chicken little nine patch indian hatchet
grandmothers pride tapestry schoolhouse
feathered star lemoyne star spools
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  1. Trip Around the World
  2. Flying Kites
  3. Lone Star
  4. Railroad Crossing
  5. Chicken Little
  6. Nine Patch
  7. Indian Hatchet
  8. Grandmothers Pride
  9. Tapestry
  10. Schoolhouse
  11. Feathered Star
  12. Lemoyne String Stars
  13. Spools

  • Mini stitching tips
  • Includes stitch glossary
  • Remembrance blocks
  • 66 pages

  • Price: $12.95 includes Postage and Envelope costs