Book 806.  Prize Afghans
Vintage Crochet and Knitting Patterns

    (click on images for larger photos)
  1. Rose crocheted afghan
  2. Daisy crochet afghan
  3. Shell knitted afghan
  4. Multi color crochet afghan
  5. Puff stitch crocheted afghan
  6. Flower wreath crochet afghan
  7. Cameo crochet afghan
  8. Granny square crochet afghan
  9. Raised petal knitting pattern for afghan
  10. Chevron crochet afghan
  11. Lacy shell crochet afghan
  12. Jiffy knit afghan - wavy chevron pattern

Year 1967
Black and white photo illustrations
36 pages
Price:  $11.95 includes Postage and Envelope costs