American School of Needlework 3042.  Weekend Projects
Plastic Canvas Patterns

quick and easy patterns plastic canvas patterns
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  1. Wild Goose Chase Coaster Set
  2. Teddy Bear Wreath
  3. Easy for you to see Glass Case
  4. Specs Medium size Glasses Case
  5. What big Eyes you have Large size Glasses Case
  6. Quilters Star Toilet Tissue Roll Cover
  7. Quilters Star Boutique Tissue Box Cover
  8. Neighborhood Brickcover Doorstop
  9. Cats by the Dozen Brickcover Doorstop
  10. Folk Art Basket
  11. Woven Straw Basket
  12. Oriental Vase
  13. Airmail Desk Set
  14. Stamp Box
  15. Snowy Santa
  16. Tiny Gift Boxes
  17. Fridgies include...
  1. Santa Teddy
  2. Snowman
  3. Reindeer
  4. Valentine
  5. Halloween Bat
  6. Jack-O-Lantern
  7. Easter Chick
  8. Easter Bunny

NOTE!  Marked on front as shown - See Photo!
18 pages
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