Annies Pattern Club 30.  Newsletter 1985
Crochet Knitting and Sewing Patterns

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glove pattern crocheted dog childs pattern crochet rug crochet trivet pattern key holders
crochet doll outfit crochet poncho sewing pattern soup can cactus flower snowflake patterns
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  1. Nursery Organizers sewing patterns
  2. Crochet Loopy Slippers
  3. Crochet Daisy Doily
  4. Crochet Bridal Bouquet
  5. Grooms Crocheted Bouutonniere
  6. Knit Argyle Purse
  7. Adult Crochet Work Gloves
  8. Childs Best Friend Crochet Dog
  9. Childs Camo Vest Sewing Pattern
  10. Crocheted Oval Rug
  11. Crochet Kitchen Trivet
  12. Rosette Barettes made from ribbon
  13. Key Holders for Auto fans stitched on Plastic Canvas
  14. Fashion Crochet Doll Dress with matching Hat
  15. Infants Crochet Poncho - Sizes 3-6 mos & 9-12 mos
  16. Sewing pattern for Bonnet Girl
  17. Crocheted Soup Can
  18. Sewing pattern for Flowering Cactus
  19. Quick & Easy Crochet Button Buddies
  20. Crochet Snowflake Window Hangings
  21. Crochet Glasses Case

Not all patterns are shown
NOTE: Torn along the spine as shown; but does not affect reading of patterns
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