Annies Attic 87S52.  Quick and Easy Bazaar
Handmade Designs for Bazaars, Showers and Gifts
from Annies Pattern Club Year 1985

quick easy gifts crochet patterns
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  1. Slice of Pie - Crochet Pattern
  2. Slice of Cake - Crochet Pattern
  3. Crocheted Mr Dog
  4. Crochet Picture Frame
  5. Sew up Chicken Towel
  6. Fabric Pencil Case
  7. Crocheted Rainbow Hot Pad and Potholders
  8. Crochet Rainbow Hat and Mittens
  9. Strapless Gown to fit an 11½" Doll
  10. Plastic Canvas Pencilettes - Panda, Cat, Lion and Brown Bear

16 pages
Price:  $9.95 includes Postage and Envelope costs