Aunt Lydia's 207.  Flowers, Pillows, Toys and Rugs
Crochet, Knitting and Fringe Patterns

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pillow patterns tissue top patterns
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cat pattern centipede pattern weaved totes crochet bell placemat patterns
crochet slipper pattern caterpillar pattern crochet doll pattern knitted slipper pattern knit crochet patterns
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  1. Crochet Pillow with Flower accent
  2. Knitted Zebra Pillow
  3. Knitted Tassel Pillow
  4. Easy Flowers - Peony and Cattails made from rug yarn
  5. Sleeveless Pullover Shell
  6. Crochet Rug, Place Mats and Coasters
  7. Clown Crochet Tissue Topper
  8. Rose Crochet Tissue Topper
  9. Knitted Ladies Pullover
  10. Crochet Bathroom Rug and Seat Cover
  11. Knitted Covers for Curler Carrier, Spray bottle cover and Tissue Topper
  12. Crochet Doll
  13. Cat Hanger made from rug yarn
  14. Braided rug yarn for Centipede
  15. Dish Cloth Totes
  16. Crochet Christmas Bell
  17. Dish Cloth Place Mats
  18. Crochet Boot Slipper
  19. Caterpillar made from rug yarn
  20. Knitted Doll
  21. Knitted Garter Stitch Slipper

Made with Rug Yarn
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36 pages
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