Bernat 1200.  Baby
Bunting Bag Sweaters and Blankets
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

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babys afghans pattern bunting bag patterns
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  1. Rib Knit Sweater
  2. Cabled Pullover
  3. Basketweave Pullover
  4. Simple Garter Stitch
  5. Baby Bomber Jacket
  6. Aran Knit Pullover
  7. Round Yoke Pullover
  8. Crochet Peek-a-Boo Blanket
  9. Knit Version of Peek-a-Book Blanket
  10. Knit Version of Hush-a-Bye Wavy Baby Afghan
  11. Crochet Version of Hush-a-Bye Baby Wavy Afghan
  12. Crochet Bunting Bag
  13. Knit Bunting Bag

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24 pages
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