Bernat 187.  Baby Album
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

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  1. Knit Sweater, Soakers, Bonnet & Bootees
  2. Knit Sweater, Pants, Bonnet, Booties and Stocking Cap
  3. Knitted Rompers, Bonnet & Booties
  4. Crochet Dress with matching Panties
  5. Crochet Rompers with matching Sweater and Bonnet
  6. Crochet Hooded Jacket and Blanket
  7. Knitted Rompers & Bootees
  8. Knit Snowsuit
  9. Crochet Dress/Sweater with Pants & Bonnet
  10. Knit Dress, Pants and Bonnet
  11. Knit Cardigan, Leggings and Bonnet
  12. Knit Pullover, Slacks and Hat
  13. Knit Pullover, Pants & Helmet
  14. Crochet Blanket, Sweater & Bonnet

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Dated Year 1972
38 pages
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