Better Homes and Gardens 1992
Christmas Ornaments

Special Interest Publication

christmas ornaments cross stitch manger scene victorian roses
tree ornaments tree trimmers crochet ribbons candy cane
crocheted stars ribbons wood ornament
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  1. Cross-stitched Madonna and Child
  2. Victorian rose cross-stitch cornucopias
  3. Another cornucopias is needlepoint
  4. Nativity with painted wooden ornaments
  5. Victorian roses - bandaid and plaster craft project
  6. Needlepoint decorations on plastic canvas
  7. Patriotic oval ornaments are appliqued, embroidered, and quilted
  8. Crochet bows
  9. Crochet candy canes
  10. Clay stars
  11. Crochet stars
  12. Ribbon holiday ornaments
  13. Patriotic wooden tree ornaments

    Other patterns not shown include...

  14. Cross-stitched treetop star
  15. Cross-stitched star ornaments
  16. Crochet cross bookmark
  17. Crochet metallic thread christmas balls
  18. Lace fans
  19. Painted muslin teddy bear
  20. Painted muslin farmyard animals
  21. Cross stitched on perforated paper ornaments
  22. Salvaged scraps to make some ornaments
  23. Clip-on bow tree trimmers
  24. Painted christmas balls
  25. Fruity loop garland
  26. Tinsel stem snowflakes
  27. Flowerpot ornaments
  28. Cardboard gingerbread man
  29. Glimmmering wire icicles
  30. Animal cracker swag
  31. Glitter stick snowflakes
  32. Felt over chenille stems elves
  33. Tatted lace garland
  34. Pomegranate & bay leaves aromatic swag
  35. Needlepoint nutcrackers

Dated Year 1992
106 pages
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