Brunswick 768.  Crochet and Knit Afghans
Crocheted and Knitting Patterns

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  1. Aran Crochet Afghan
  2. Peony Patchwork Crochet Afghan
  3. Turkey Track Patchwork Crochet Afghan
  4. County Fair Crochet Afghan
  5. La Petite Fleur Knit Afghan
  6. Heirloom Crochet Afghan
  7. American Indian Blanket - Knit Afghan
  8. Brunscraft Coiled Basketry Directions Included
  9. Homespun Weave Crochet Afghan
  10. Heather Ripple Crochet Afghan
  11. Tyrol Aran Knit Afghan
  12. Beginners Luck Crochet Afghan
  13. Babys Crochet Afghan
  14. Poor Lizzie Knit Afghan
  15. Aran Style Knitted Afghan
  16. Fisherman Knit Afghan

NOTE!  Worn along edges; Bend marks on right hand corner
Writing and marks on front as shown - See Photo!
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