Coats & Clark's 193.  Tablecloths and Bedspreads
Knit and Crochet Patterns

tablecloth pattern tablecloth pattern victorian pattern tablecloths bedspreads
crochet tablecloth bedspread pattern forget me not pattern crochet bedspread pattern crochet bedspread
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  1. Meadowsweet Crochet tablecloth
  2. Oregon Modern Crochet tablecloth
  3. Victoriana Crochet tablecloth edgings
  4. Lovely Lotus crochet tablecloth
  5. Morning glory Knitted bedspread
  6. Mountain Daisy Filet Crochet table cloth
  7. Loosestrife Leaves Crochet bedspread
  8. Forget-me-not crocheted tablecloth of different sizes
  9. Bunchberry Crochet bedspread
  10. Candytuft Crocheted bedspread

36 pages
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