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Coats & Clarks 204.  Gift bazaar
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

ladies victorian sweater crochet gifts candle decor thermos mug holder placemat
baby sweater pillows & cushions belts toy cat toys
(click on any image for larger photos)
  1. Ladies Victoriana crochet Blouse sizes: 32" to 38"
  2. Crocheted Curler Caddy
  3. Childs Pajama Bag
  4. Festive Candle Trimmers
  5. Crochet Thermos Carrier
  6. Place Mat set
  7. Crochet Baby Sacque set - Jacket and Bonnet
  8. Knit Square Pillow
  9. Crochet Flower Pillow
  10. Crochet Patchwork Pillow
  11. Crochet triangle pillow
  12. Knit striped pillow
  13. Macrame belt
  14. Spool-knit belt
  15. Crochet Ring Belt
  16. Crochet Cat
  17. Crocheted Elephant
  18. Crochet Duck
  19. Crochet Pup

NOTE!  Shows wear
Dated Year 1970
36 pages
Book price:  $10.00 includes Postage and Envelope costs