Coats & Clark 205.  Old and New Favorites
Knit and Crochet Patterns

crochet hat scarf set knit lacey doily crochet motifs stole crochet dress knit tablemat
crochet bikini crochet pineapple tablecloth crochet hat vest set crochet pineapples knitted top crochet bedspread
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  1. Crocheted cloche and scarf set
  2. Knit lace doily
  3. Crochet lace Stole
  4. Crocheted Dress
  5. Knitted lace Table Mat
  6. Crochet Bikini
  7. Crochet Tote Bag
  8. Crochet pineapple Tablecloth
  9. Crochet Vest and Cloche
  10. Crochet pineapple Centerpiece or Doily
  11. Ladies knit Tunic top
  12. Crochet popcorn Bedspread

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Dated Year 1970
36 pages
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