Coats & Clark's 196.  Knit & Crochet for Children 2 to 12 years

tablecloth pattern tablecloth pattern victorian pattern tablecloths bedspreads
crochet tablecloth bedspread pattern forget me not pattern crochet bedspread pattern crochet bedspread
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  1. Crochet Aran childs cardigan sweater
  2. Knit Aran pullover with matching toque
  3. Dogs Aran Sweater
  4. Crochet motif Vest
  5. Crochet Striped Pullover
  6. Knit Pullover and Scarf set
  7. Knit Beret
  8. Knit striped Coat, Skirt and Triangle set
  9. Dogs Coat

36 pages
Book price:  $10.00 includes postage and envelope costs