Coats & Clark's 217.  Tablecloths and Bedspreads
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

pineapple tablecloth crochet tablecloth striped peacock's tail
crochet motifs crochet motif crochet crocheted clusters
knitted tablecloth crochet motif
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  1. Panoply Pineapple Crochet Tablecloth
  2. Web-in-the-corner Crocheted Tablecloth
  3. Navaho Moki Knitted Bedspread
  4. Peacock's Tail (Pineapples) Crochet Tablecloth
  5. Summer Garden pattern - Crochet motifs - Tablecloth
  6. Lady of the Lake pattern - Crocheted motifs - Bedspread
  7. Crochet Diamond Lace Bedspread
  8. Cluster Luster - Crochet Clusters - Tablecloth
  9. Twining Vine - Knitted Tablecloth
  10. Will-o-the-Wisp - Knitted Bedspread pattern
  11. Parquetry Pane - Crocheted Bedspread pattern

NOTE: Shows some wear around edges
Writing on front cover as shown
Dated Year 1972
36 pages
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