Craft Pak 806.  Macrame Why Knot
Macrame Patterns

clock pattern macramed owls tiffany lampshade seasonal macrame
hanging pots wall hanging macrame clocks macrame clocks
  1. Tiffany Tulip Lampshade
  2. Tri color Herb Pot
  3. Owls Wall Hanging
  4. Wine Rack
  5. Eyeglass Case
  6. Cigarette Case
  7. Halloween Pumpkin
  8. Santa - Old St Nick
  9. Sunburst hanging Clock
  10. Basket Hanging Pot
  11. Picture Hanging Pot
  12. Grape Hanging
  13. Various Pot Hangings

  • NOTE: Instructions for how to make knots - page is missing
  • All instructions for patterns are included
  • Vintage book is worn and with some writing that does not affect reading of patterns
  • Good for experienced folks wanting the unique patterns
  • Dated Year 1976
    24 pages
    Book Price:  $10.00 includes Postage and Envelope costs