Craft Publications 7121.  Crochet for Home Decor
19 Crochet Projects - Using large Cords

crochet decorating crochet wallhanging crocheted wall hanging crochet light shades
crochet baskets
crochet weed pouches owl & racoon crochet baskets crochet mirror
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  1. Flower Mirror frame
  2. Flower Waste basket matches mirror
  3. Abstract Wall hanging
  4. White-on-white Wall hanging
  5. Hanging lamp
  6. Tiffany shaped hanging lamp
  7. Cat bed basket
  8. Flower pot covers
  9. Dried flower arrangement baskets
  10. Easter basket or gift basket
  11. Basket with lid
  12. Large weed pocket
  13. Small weed pocket
  14. Snow Owl
  15. Racoon
  16. Natural jute basket
  17. Two colour basket
  18. Twine basket
  19. Mirror cover with unique curl decorations

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