Craft Publications 7289.  Crochet Purses
Designer Purses in a Variety of Styles
Crochet Patterns

crocheted purses crochet handbag bead purses crochet clutch
crochet clutch bag crocheted tote tote bag

seasonal purses

dressy purse crocheted tote crochet handbag
childs purse crochet purse

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  1. Quick Crochet Purse
  2. Beaded Bags
  3. Rainbow Clutch
  4. Borderline Case
  5. Designer Look with wooden handle
  6. Peasant Tote
  7. Four Seasons Purses
  8. Plain and Pretty
  9. Suited for Business
  10. Small Purse
  11. Childs Cinderella
  12. Country Style Purse
  13. Serenity with Handle

NOTE!  Shows wear around edges
Year 1978
24 pages
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