Crochet Fantasy 86.  Afghans Doilies
Clothing and Home Decor

October 1993

crocheted sweater pullover pattern poncho pattern mans crochet pattern lacy crochet pattern crochet southwest pattern
crochet with mohair crochet sweater set crochet poncho pattern crochet pattern crochet vest pattern ladies crochet pattern
crochet hooded shawl crochet shawl pattern crochet scarf pattern amulet bag pattern crochet hat scarf
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Crochet Patterns include...
  1. Ladies Sweater
  2. Five different shades of single crochet sweater
  3. Long sleeved Granny Square Pullover or Cardigan
  4. Sleeveless Version of Granny Cardigan or Pullover
  5. Childs Fish Sweater
  6. Girls Zippered Cardigan
  7. His and Her Pig Dolls
  8. Hat and Scarf Set
  9. Single and Bobbles create this striped Crocheted Afghan
  10. Apple Decoration
  11. Crochet Halloween Basket
  12. Raggedy Ann Wig
  13. Pilgrim Pumpkins
  14. Pumpkin Motif Placemats
  15. Floral Panelled Table Runner
  16. Filet Crochet Doily with octagonal border
  17. Single and Double Crochet Afghan

62 pages
Bend marks on front cover
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