free crocheted granny square rose cushion pattern
this is page 2 - back of cushion

free crochet cushion
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                          Page 2 - Back of cushion
                          With red...Ch 4. Sc in first ch to form ring.
                          Rnd 1: (Ch3,2dc,ch 2,3dc,ch 1,3dc,ch1,3dc,ch 1) into ring.
                          Sl st to beg. End off.

                          With green...join in corner ch 3 space.
                          Rnd 2: (Ch3,ch3,3dc,ch 1) in corner space.
                                *(3dc,ch3,3dc,ch 1 in next corner space)3 times.

                          With white...join in corner ch 3 space.
                          Rnd 3: (Ch3,ch3,3dc,ch 1) in corner space; **3dc in next ch1 space,
                                (3dc,ch3,3dc,ch 1 in next corner space)3 times 
                                ending with 3dc in last ch1 space, sl st to next corner ch3 space.

                          Rnd 4: (Ch3,ch3,3dc,ch 1) in corner space; ***3dc in each of next ch1 spaces,
                                (3dc,ch3,3dc,ch 1 in next corner space) Repeat from ***
                                ending with 3dc in last two ch1 spaces.

                          Rnd 5 to 11: Repeat rnd 4 adding another 3dc in each ch 1 space along
                                       each side.                  

                          Join front of cushion to back as follows: Holding back and front together,
                          Rnd 1: sc into each sc (picking up stitches from the front and the back);
                                 with 3 sc in each corner space...being sure to insert pillow form
                                 before the final row of sc around cushion cover.
                                 Join with sl st to beg sc of rnd.
                          Rnd 2: *(ch 3,trc,dc,hdc,sc)over the next 5sc of prev rnd,
                                 sl st into next st. Repeat from *around. End off.     
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