Crochet World - June 1983
Crochet Patterns

crochet patterns toilet cover baby bathrobe graduation doll crochet horse rug
murphy pins baby set broomstick lace sweater cacti plant bedspread pattern
table cloth beret hat doll dress pattern rag rug pattern book covers tissue covers
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  1. Stemware Coasters
  2. Hide a Bathroom Roll with this Bridal Party
  3. Rag Rug
  4. Country Mouse
  5. Ostrich
  6. Baby Bathrobe
  7. Trash Can Pal
  8. Skippers Doll First Dance Gown
  9. Graduation Doll
  10. Space Ship Spread or Blanket
  11. Cacti Plant Project for Left Handers
  12. Lacey Round Tablecloth
  13. Seasonal Tissue Covers
  14. Small Doily in shell Stitch
  15. Ladies Beret
  16. Phone Book Covers
  17. Flowered Bathroom Set
  18. Horse Rug
  19. Crochet Potpourri
  20. Murphy Pins
  21. Baby Sweater Set
  22. Graduation Cap Decoration
  23. Wedding Garter
  24. Heart Shaped Ring Pillow
  25. Umbrella Party Favor
  26. First Prize Broomstick Lace Bed Jacket
  27. Bridal Purse
  28. Wedding Bell Sachet

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