Crochet World - February 1990
Crochet Patterns

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international doll outfit afghan pattern mens cardigan denim for dolls
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rabbit hats mittens set hat scarf victorian afghan hooded sweater
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  1. Valentine Dress for 15" to 19" Doll
  2. Ladies Aran Styled Dress
  3. Sweetheart Heart Dress for 11½" Doll
  4. French Clown Hand Puppet
  5. Tote Bag
  6. Popcorn Shoulder Tote Bag
  7. Miss South Vietnam International Doll Outfit
  8. Afghan with Pillow Pocket
  9. Mens V-Neck Cardigan
  10. Three Piece Outfit for 11½" Doll
  11. Ruffled Rabbit
  12. Miniature Booties
  13. Carrot Bookmark
  14. Ski Jacket and Pants for 11½" Doll
  15. Denim Set for 11½" Doll
  16. Red and White Party Dress for 20" Doll
  17. Variegated Dress for 20" Doll
  18. Dropped Waist Dress for 20" Doll
  19. Crissy Doll Dress and Shoes for 20" Doll
  20. Toddlers Hat, Scarf and Mittens Set
  21. Adult Hat and Mittens
  22. Unisex Hat and Scarf
  23. Ladies Scarf and Beret
  24. Childs Hooded Sweater

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