Crochet World - October 1998
Crochet Patterns

crochet patterns teddy bear pattern crocheted vest crochet pumpkin
crochet sweater pumpkin man Miss Sri Lanka pineapple pumpkin
fashion doll clothes afghan pattern crochet centerpiece sweater patterns
bowl patterns pocket pigs pattern tissue cover pattern afghan pattern
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  1. Teddy Bears
  2. Small Floret Motifs Vest
  3. Harvest Pumpkin Table Centrepiece
  4. Crocheted Plaid Cardigan Sweater
  5. Pumpkin Hanger
  6. International Doll - Miss Sri Lanka
  7. Pineapple Pumpkin
  8. Fashion Doll Dress and matching Hat
  9. Autumn Crocheted Afghan
  10. Four pumpkins with a Bat on top - Centerpiece
  11. Girls Sweaters
  12. Crocheted Indian prints Bowls
  13. Pocket Pigs
  14. Outhouse Bathroom Tissue Cover
  15. Easy Panel Afghan

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