Cross Stitch and Country Crafts
November December 1988
36 Great Projects

gentle adoration ornament patterns treetop angel holy bible cover
hen pattern apple patterns apple stitches christmas wreath
winter playtime santa sampler apple coaster christmas ornaments
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Some of the 36 Projects include...
  1. Manger Child named Gentle Adoration
  2. Heart and Tree Ornaments
  3. Tree Top Angel
  4. Santa Ornament
  5. Goose Ornament
  6. Skater Ornament
  7. Reindeer Ornament
  8. Caroler Ornament
  9. Teddy Bear Ornament
  10. Christmas Accessories Ornament
  11. Girl & Boy Ornaments
  12. Holy Bible Cover
  13. Nesting Hen
  14. Apples
  15. Country Christmas Wreath
  16. Winter Playtime Characters
  17. Candle Screen Santa
  18. Santa Sampler
  19. Apple Coasters
  20. Star Angel Tree Trimmer
  21. Star Skater Tree Ornament
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36 pages
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