Better Homes and Gardens
Cross Stitch and Country Crafts

July August 1990
5th Anniversary Issue

christmas stocking stocking pattern bouquet seasonal teacups
poinsettia ornament country designs america banner cottage garden
sachet dolls wild life fox crayon switchplate baseball caps
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  1. Christmas Stocking named Holiday Workshop
  2. Christmas Stocking named Garland Cuff with Movable Santa Ornament
  3. Give this Victorian Bouquet of Flowers an antique look with instructions for Tea Dyeing included
  4. Poinsettia Teacup Design along with Autumn, Spring and Summer. Put all four together for a Bellpull - instructions included
  5. Country Kitchen Designs - Chicken, Pigs, Cows, Hearts for your Sugar, Flour, Tea and Coffee Canisters
  6. American Banner
  7. Cottage Gardens
  8. Sachet Dolls
  9. Wildlife Fox designed by Melinda Blackman
  10. Crayon Switchplate
  11. Baseball Caps
NOTE: Tear on front cover where mailing label was taken off (as shown)
40 pages
Price: $18.95 includes Postage and Envelope costs