Better Homes and Gardens
Cross Stitch and Country Crafts

June 1992
26 Projects

summer bears flower box sheep rose trim
flowers teddy bears vintage toys heart
be kind fish reindeer reindeer
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26 Projects including the following...
  1. Summer time bears
  2. Plant Poker Inchworm with Marigolds Planter trim
  3. Sheep from Country Champions
  4. Personalized Bride Book, Cassette Cover and Stitchery with the Floral
      Symbol of Love - the Rose
  5. Victorian Bleeding Hearts Pillow and Tray
  6. Tissue Box Cover and Nite light Bears
  7. Antique Toys to frame, Bank and Door Hanger
  8. Small Hearts and Flowers for Brooches or small items
  9. Be ye Kind and True Sampler
  10. Tropical Fish
  11. Reindeer fun
  12. Lotus Garden Wall Pocket

NOTE! Shows some discoloration from age
32 pages
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