Designer Crafts 7229.  Crochet Purse Appeal
12 Crochet Projects Using Cords

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crochet tote crochet carry all evening clutch crocheted tote
crocheted purse happy face striped purse
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  1. Versatile Purse
  2. Summer white with see thru to show coloured lining
  3. Popcorn stitch Mom and Daughter purses
  4. Easy to make Purse
  5. Classy Carry-all
  6. Evening Clutch
  7. Black Evening Clutch
  8. Crochet Purse on Rod Handles
  9. Beaded Purse
  10. Happy Face Childs Purse
  11. Casual Striped Purse

By Linda Harrison
24 pages
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