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Tissue Cover Pattern
tissue cover
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Materials: 2 oz ball 3 ply yarn 3:50 mm crochet hook 7 inch doll 1 yard ribbon 1 toilet tissue roll Doll Dress Blouse: Make 2 pieces. Ch 15. (½ of blouse) 1st row: sc across row,ch 1,turn, 2nd,3rd & 4th rows: same as row 1. End off. Sew 2 pieces together by sewing only 3 sts at center front and back. Skirt attach yarn at back. Row 1: Ch 3. *1 dc in next st, ch 2. Repeat from * around botton of blouse. Sl st to beginning ch 3. Row 2: *(2dc,ch2,2dc) in each ch 2 space. Repeat row 2 twelve times more to cover tissue. End off. Put ribbon through ch2 spaces at waist. Put dress on doll. Tie bow in front of dress. Put doll in center of toilet tissue roll and pull the dress over the tissue.
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