Gloria and Pat 38.  Hugga Bunch
Cross Stitch Patterns

hugga bunch hug patterns
hugga cross stitch patterns hugga patterns hugs pattern
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  1. The Whole Hugga Bunch
  2. I hop for Hugs
  3. I'm fit to be Hugged
  4. Tickles
  5. I go for Hugs
  6. Bubbles
  7. Hugs give you a lift
  8. Patooty
  9. Hugsy
  10. Impkins
  11. Huggins
  12. Hugworks
  13. Tweaker
  14. Precious Hugs sitting
  15. Hug Me if You love Me
  16. Fill your holidays with Hugs
  17. Hugs are the nicest gifts

Dated Year 1985
38 pages
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