crochet a granny square flowerpot hanger
crochet flowerpot hanger
(click on above image for larger photo)
Materials:1 ball white worsted weight yarn
          1 ball green worsted weight yarn
          4:50 mm crochet hook
Basic Granny square: With first color, ch 4 
                     and join with a sl st
                     to from a circle.
1st rnd: Ch 3, 2 dc into circle, ch 1,
              *3 dc into circle, ch 1: 
              rep from * twice.
              Join into 3rd ch with sl st. 
              End off.
2nd rnd: Join 2nd color into last sp 
                with a sl st, ch 3,
                2 dc into same sp, ch 1, 
                3 dc into same sp, ch 1, 
                *(3dc,ch 1,3dc,ch 1 
                   into next sp);
                repeat from * twice. 
                Join into 3rd ch with
                a sl st. End off. 
3rd rnd:  With 1st color, join 
                 Into last sp with
                 a sl st. Continue working
                 groups of 3 dc,
                 with a ch 1 between, 
                 into each corner.
 Continue following rnds in
 same manner, alternating colors, then put
 the squares together as follows:

Make 5 granny squares. 
Then use one as the base
and the other four as sides. 
Sl st or sc squares together 
on all edges as shown in above photo.
Sc around top of planter.

To make hangers for the planter -
*start in one corner of planter
and make a ch 30 inches long.
Join with a sl st at the
opposite corner, ch 1, turn,
sl st in each
ch to the original corner. 

Repeat from * for the other hanger
for planter.
Darn ends in.
Put your favorite plant in the hanger
and hang in your favorite spot for viewing! 

Every effort has been made to have the crochet instructions accurate and complete.
We cannot be responsible for variance of individual
crocheters, human errors, or typographical mistakes

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