HA 26.  Gingham and Calico
Fun to Make Projects

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Using Fabric Scraps and Paper Prints
of Gingham and Calico

  1. Dolls (shown above) are whimsical "ragtime dolls"
     fashioned from white foam, red gingham checked fabric
     and brilliant colored hair
     Perfect to make for the young girl in your life
  2. Floral bouquets
  3. Button flowers
  4. Draped 2-tone flowers
  5. Gingham paper posies
  6. Frog
  7. Tote bag
  8. Shoe
  9. Flowers
  10. Sewing mate wall hanger
  11. Clothes hanger
  12. Placemat and Pillow cover
  13. Owl
  14. Egg ornaments
  15. Wall plaque designs including duck, pair of geese,
    sheep, kitty, dog, owl, teddy bear, pony, baby doll,
    jack-in-the-box and clown
  16. Christmas wreath
  17. Christmas tree ornaments
  18. Table top tree
  19. Greeting card holder
  20. Pre-Christmas calendar idea

  • With photos of all projects
  • Instructions with diagrams
  • 16 pages
    Price:  $10.00 includes Postage and Envelope costs