HH 11.  Macrame Plus

macrame patterns serenity vintage macrame patterns plant hanger hanging planter indian sunset hanging
plant hanger double hanging planter double planter hanger serenity hanger hanging planter
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  1. Serenity accented with driftwood
  2. Shangrila hanging planter
  3. Suspended splendor double plant hanger
  4. Pomposity jute hanging planter
  5. Encircling Peace hanging planter
  6. Indian Sunset wall hanging 47" in length
  7. Cup of Gold planter
  8. WIshhing Well hanging planter
  9. Tres Magnifique length of approx 70"
  10. Moonspun wall hanging
  11. Love Song jute hanger
  12. Serenity as an alternate design

NOTE: Worn with tear mark on front and back cover
1976 macrame pattern book
24 pages
Book Price:  $12.00 includes postage & envelope costs