Hilde 66. Babies Fashions in Wool
Crochet Patterns

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  1. Blanket, Jacket and Hat
  2. Beret
  3. Round Hat
  4. Pointed Hat
  5. Helmet
  6. Crib Cover with Swan, Ducks and Cat
  7. Crib Cover
  8. Reversible Blanket
  9. Angora Mittens
  10. Thumbless Mittens
  11. Angora Hat
  12. Long Bib
  13. Bib worked only in sc
  14. Infants Coat and Hat
  15. Sweater, Hat and Bootees Set
  16. Girls Dress
  17. Shell Stitch Set - Afghan, Sweater, Bonnet and Bootees
  18. Carriage Cover, Jacket and Hat
  19. Carriage Cover, Sweater, Hat and Bootees
  20. Cardigan
  21. Pants - Soakers
  22. Slipover - Pullover
  23. Cardigan with Stripes

NOTE!  Vintage Book
Dated Year 1948
book in good condition for its age
Shows wear along edges
24 pages
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