HP 450.  New Macrame
Plant Hangers and Home Decorating Ideas
Macrame Patterns

macrame planters macrame flower hanger macrame decor macrame for baby macrame owl
macrame planter macrame holder macrame how to macrame for lamps lighted macrame
(Click on above images for larger photos)
  1. Macrame owl
  2. Tiffany swag lamp or Tiffany lamp shade
  3. Lighted plant hanger
  4. Macrame lamp shade
  5. Spiraling Double Half Hitch Hanger - not shown
  6. Macrame curtain
  7. Hanging basket
  8. Jute basket plant hanger
  9. Macrame Lamp Base and Trim for shade
  10. Feather flower wall hanging
  11. Two pot jute plant hanger

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