Lee Originals 709.  Macra Hangings Etc
Macrame Patterns

macrame planters hanging table
hour glass hanger wigwam jute project
christmas wreath bird feeder macrame sunflower
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  1. Phoenix Snowbird
  2. Hanging Planter 36" length
  3. Hanging Plant Hanger
  4. Hanging macrame Music Table
  5. Love Sonnet Hanger
  6. Hour Glass Hanger
  7. Field of Mushrooms
  8. Macramed Octopus as shown with mushrooms above
  9. Wigwam Witchery
  10. Sling and Swag
  11. Christmas Wreath
  12. Bird Feeder
  13. Wings
  14. Plant Hanger 56" length
  15. Sunflower
Dated Year 1975
With instructions and illustrations on how to make
24 pages
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