Leisure Arts 102. Afghan - Book 2
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

leisure arts 102 aran afghan pattern rose pattern
crochet granny pattern crochet afghan knit indian afghan
plaid pattern crocheted afghan pattern arran afghan pattern
knit afghan pattern knit pattern crochet pattern
knit block patterns crochet cables popcorns knit pattern crochet pattern
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  1. Bulky Crochet Popcorn Afghan
  2. Sharon's Rose Knitted with chart design included
  3. Diagonal Granny Crochet Afghan
  4. Embroidered Scandia on Crochet Afghan Stitch
  5. Knitted Indian Design
  6. Crochet Plaid Fancy Afghan
  7. Scraps of Beauty Crocheted Afghan
  8. Chenille using Crochet Afghan Stitch
  9. Embroidered Rose on Crochet Afghan Stitch
  10. Knitted Ripples and Stripes
  11. Knitted Shades of Green
  12. Crochet Gold Panels using Afghan Stitch
  13. Knitted Blocks and Stirpes
  14. Crocheted Bordered Diamonds with Cables
  15. Knitted Bulky Diamonds and Cables
  16. Meadow Flowers Crocheted Afghan

Dated Year 1977
34 Pages
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