Leisure Arts 375.  The Sweater Book for Cross Stitchers
Cross Stitch Patterns

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    Cross Stitch Projects include:
  1. Country Checkerboard - Cow, House and Heart, Mallard, Sheep
  2. Black sheep
  3. Sampler
  4. Winter Checkerboard - Gingerbread, Sleigh, Moose and Snowflakes
  5. Roses
  6. Paper Dolls
  7. Gaggle of Geese
  8. Black Sheep

  • Step by step instructions
  • After design is worked on waste canvas, the canvas threads are removed,
       leaving the design on the fabric
  • NOTE:  Year 1978 book is worn around the edges; has 3-hole punch holes as shown
  • 8 pages
    Price:  $10.00 includes Postage and Envelope costs