Lily Design 211.  Knit & Crochet with Lily Rug Yarn

crochet patterns crochet bathroom patterns hat & tote bag hat & mittens daisy coasters golf club covers baby bibs
pot holders crochet slippers crochet stair tread kitchen accessories crochet placemats crochet slippers
knitted dickeys crocheted rug crochet bean bags crocheted mouse crochet mitts
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  1. Knit Bath Ensemble: Mat, Tissue Cover, Waste Basket and Back Scrubber
  2. Crochet Fringed Hat and Tote Bag
  3. Knitted Stocking Cap and Mittens
  4. Crochet Daisy Coasters
  5. Crocheted Golf Club Covers
  6. Crochet Baby Bibs
  7. Crochet Pot Holders
  8. Crochet Slippers
  9. Crocheted Stair Tread
  10. Crochet Kitchen Rug and Pot Holders
  11. Crochet Place Mats
  12. Crochet Childrens slipper Boots
  13. Knitted Dickey with round or turtle neck
  14. Crochet Diamond Puff Rug
  15. Crocheted Bean Bags
  16. Childs Crochet Jump Rope
  17. Crochet Mouse
  18. Crochet Dusting Mitts - Broom cover and Hand Mitt

Using Lily Rug Yarn or equivalent
Book size: 5¼" x 7½"
36 pages
Book price:  $10.95 includes postage & envelope costs