Magic Crochet 57.  Home Decor - December 1988
Includes Signs of the Zodiac
Crochet Patterns

crochet heirlooms crocheted doily place mat table mat placemat pattern
lords prayer roses bedspread anniversaries table runner white mums
fashion doll outfit four leaf clover pattern flower bedspread crochet edgings trellis pattern
crochet curtain pineapple doily cactus flower tallgrass fine art crochet
scenario pattern confetti pattern blue star pattern blanche pattern double pattern
opaline doily cherry tablecloth vintage tablecloth evening jacket fashion doll dress
ladies cardigan bedspread pattern crocheted ensemble chair sets ladies cardigan bedspread pattern
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NOT all patterns are shown
  1. Geometric Tablecloth
  2. 8 Point Star
  3. Accent on beads
  4. Roses for Round Tablecloth
  5. Signs of the Zodiac
  6. Capricorn and Libra Pillowtops
  7. Aries and Cancer Pillow Tops
  8. Boy and Girl Profiles
  9. Dainty Daisy
  10. Double Feature
  11. Aster
  12. Two Tone Mat
  13. Tour de Pink
  14. Fans and Triangles
  15. Two Turtle Doves
  16. Seashells
  17. Oval Runner
  18. Floral for window or table
  19. Openwork Tablecloth
  20. Irish Roses
  21. Lace Pillowtop and Ruffle
  22. Oval Centerpiece
  23. Set of Colorful Tablemats
  24. Large Pineapple Tablemat
  25. Filet Curtain
  26. Large Doily
  27. Multicolor Floral Mat
  28. Trellis Mat
  29. Butterfly Cushion Cover
  30. Patchwork Granny Squares for Bed or Couch
  31. Patchwork Bedspread
  32. Fashion Crochet Cardigan with Rose Accent
  33. Ladies Crochet Top - Size 34" - 36" Bust
  34. Babys Crochet Top
  35. knitted Baby Cardigan Jacket
  36. Large Table Doily

NOTE! Writing on front as shown
Patterns are made using Pictorial Diagrams
Not all patterns are shown
84 pages
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