Magic Crochet 77.  Home Decor
includes How to Do Crochet Tubework
Dated Year April 1992
Crochet Patterns

crochet heirlooms tulips table mat how to pattern
book cover linked pattern cats hearts mat coasters swans
irish crochet pillow cover waterlily coasters doily pattern
table cover large doily fine art crochet lilies swirls
leaves star puff pattern amemone pattern large table centre tubework coasters
tubed doily multi tubework granny squares mat oblong table runner flower placemat
flowers ladies polo top sleeveless top tablecloth
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NOT all patterns are shown
  1. Round and Oval Mats
  2. Timely Tulips
  3. Filmstrip Photos of how to Chain Loop Border Table Mat
  4. Book Cover and Book Mark
  5. Large Linkage Tablemat
  6. Cat Lovers Apron
  7. Placemat, Napkin Holder, Bread Basket and Coasters Set
  8. Swans on the Round
  9. Maltese Memento Doily
  10. Cushion Cover
  11. Waterlily Doily
  12. Floral coasters
  13. Penelope Round Tablemat
  14. Stanzas Pineapple Pattern Table Cloth
  15. Marietta Tray Mat
  16. Large Orient Pattern Doily
  17. Lotus Pattern
  18. Solo Lacey Doily
  19. Lilies Doily
  20. Spiral Centred Small Tablecloth
  21. Leaves Doily
  22. Star Stuff Tablecloth
  23. Anemone Table Centre
  24. Spring Beauty Tablecloth
  25. Filmstrip of how to Tubework Coasters
  26. Tubework Crochet Table Mat
  27. Tubework Accents this Table Centrepiece
  28. Multicolored Flowerbed
  29. Oblong Table Runner
  30. Motif Quartet
  31. Ladies Polo - Size 36" bust
  32. Patchwork Tablecloth
  33. Ladies Vest - Size 38" - 40" bust

NOTE! Patterns are made using Pictorial Diagrams
Not all patterns are shown
84 pages
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