Magic Crochet 98.  Christmas Patterns
October 1991

Creche Figures Crochet Patterns

crochet parasol christmas doily creche figures baby jesus
curtain table runner christmas tablecloth round doily
window curtain tablecloth doily parasol
purses motifs tablecloth table mat
lace afghan irish crochet pillow poncho crochet sweater
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NOT all patterns are shown
  1. Christmas Flower Doily
  2. Baby Jesus Figure
  3. Mary Figure
  4. Joseph Figure
  5. Blonde Angel
  6. Brunett Angel
  7. Green Angel
  8. Ox
  9. Donkey
  10. Fancy Fans Window Panels
  11. Filet Crochet Rose Table Runner
  12. Midnight Santa Bedspread
  13. Garland Filet Crochet Oval Tablecloth
  14. Roses in a Row Window Dressing
  15. Rosette Pineapples Doily
  16. Circlular Tablecloth
  17. Fine Art Crochet Thread Doily
  18. Accents and Borders
  19. Large round Doily
  20. Leisure Parasol
  21. Lacy Parasol
  22. Purses
  23. Motifs to make a oblong table runner
  24. Circle Motifs for Tablecloth
  25. Square Motifs for Cushion
  26. Circle Motifs both large and small for Tablecloth
  27. Flowering Table Runner
  28. Kaleidoscope Tablecloth
  29. Lace Afghan
  30. Irish Rose Cushion
  31. Irish Crochet Flowers for decorating
  32. Poncho to crochet and weave
  33. Ladies Crocheted Sweater
  34. Checkerboard Vest
  35. Ladies Shawl

NOTE! Patterns are made using Pictorial Diagrams
Book shows slight wear
Not all patterns are shown
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