McCalls Christmas Magazine 14
Christmas Knit and Crochet
130 Fabulous Ideas with Patterns

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  1. Crocheted Holy Family and Angel
  2. Poinsettia Tree Skirt
  3. Tree Motif Skirt
  4. Family Stockings
  5. Little Snowman
  6. Jolly Snowman
  7. Holiday Afghan
  8. Lacy Tree Trims
  9. Tatted Christmas Balls
  10. Heads Up Toys
  11. Patterned Stockings
  12. Boy and Girl Dolls
  13. Annette
  14. Basset Hound
  15. Lamb
  16. Mama Rabbit
  17. Baby Rabbit
  18. Piglet
  19. Fat Cat
  20. Pussy Cat
  21. Brown Bear
  22. Polar Bear
  23. Panda
  24. Twin Teddies Cardigan
  25. Singular Teddy Pullover
  26. Mrs and Miss Bunny
  27. Dressed-up Dog
  28. Dressed-up Pig
  29. Susan
  30. Tall Critters
  31. Long Fellows
  32. Roly-Polies
  33. Baby Blanket
  34. Bunting Bag
  35. Santa Sweater
  36. St Nick
  37. Christmas Tree Cardigan
  38. Greetings Sweater
  39. Jumpsuit
  40. Snowflake Sweater and Beret
  41. Dots and Ducks Sweater Set
  42. Aran Snowsuit
  43. Tummy Ticklers
  44. Striped Hat and Scarf
  45. Ribbed Hat and Scarf
  46. Basketweave Ht and Scarf
  47. Norse Sweater
  48. Aztec Tote
  49. Circular Tote
  50. Shopping Bag Tote
  51. Tapered Tote
  52. Fair Isle Pillow
  53. Fair Isle Carriage Cover
  54. Crocheted Afghan
  55. Knitted Ornaments
  56. Christmas Rings
  57. Mens Sneaker Slippers
  58. Mens Saddle Shoe Slippers
  59. Childrens Sneaker Slippers
  60. Childrens Saddle Shoe Slippers
  61. Babies Saddle Shoe Bootees
  62. Sporty Baby Bootees
  63. Partridge in a Pear Tree Afghan

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