McCalls 48   Christmas Knit and Crochet
Dated 1991
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

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doily filet crochet christmas balls crochet bells
crochet trimmings baby christening set knitted sweaters knit sweaters
adult sweaters knitted sweaters afghans crocheted afghan
crocheted sweaters knit vest knit hat scarves knit accessories
aran crochet blanket knit lap blanket crochet sweater crochet pullover sweater
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  1. Celtic Crochet Trim Stocking
  2. Celtic Crochet Trim Pillow
  3. Celtic Crochet Trim Ornaments
  4. Crochet Doily
  5. Filet Crochet Pillow
  6. Crochet Ornaments
  7. Hairpin Lace Ornaments
  8. Crochet Bells
  9. Crochet Snowflakes to Decorate Wreath
  10. Christening Gown with Similiar Afghan
  11. Childs Scarf Knit Pullover
  12. Childs Christmas Suspenders Knit Pullover
  13. Boys Knit Cardigan
  14. Childs Aran Knit Pullover
  15. Mens Knit Vest
  16. Ladies Knit Cardigan
  17. V-Neck Double Breasted Cardigan
  18. Aran Knit Pullover
  19. Knitted Stadium Blanket
  20. Knitted Afghan
  21. Crocheted Houndstooth Afghan
  22. Ladies Crochet Snowflake Sweater
  23. Ladies Crochet Holly Sweater
  24. Ladies Knit Pullover Vest
  25. Childs Knit Ski Mittens and Hat Set
  26. Ladies and Childs Ski Scarves
  27. Mens Ski Hat
  28. Ladies Knit Headband
  29. Ladies Knit Ski Muff
  30. Mans Ski Gaiter (Neck Warmer)
  31. Aran Crocheted Lap Blanket
  32. Crocheted Lap Blanket
  33. Crocheted Long Cardigan
  34. Crochet V-Neck Pullover
74 pages
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