Leisure Time MM 751.  Crochet Cherubs
A Charming Doll Collection
Crochet Patterns

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crochet doll doll matching lightshade boy girl dolls
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  1. Double Kewpie dolls basinette pad, skirt, ruffle and hood
  2. Named His Majesty Prince William gown and pillow set
  3. Mitzi Mouse outfit
  4. LiL Dew Drop Ruffles and Umbrella
  5. Baby Elephant
  6. Bouncing Bunny Rabbit
  7. Frog
  8. Doll with dress, hat and matching ruffled pillow
  9. Doll face with crocheted body and hat; height 20" approx
  10. Doll with matching lamp shade cover
  11. Erik and Heidi Dolls; height 14" approx

1982 Crochet Cherubs pattern book
NOTE: Book is worn along edges and has coffee stains
Great for those wanting the unique patterns inside
NO Dolls or Doll parts are included
16 pages
Book Price:  $10.00 includes Postage and Envelope costs