Paragon Needlecraft 2214.   Baby Bear
Sewing, Cross Stitch & Embroidery Patterns

baby bib paw claw pattern crib mobile

teddy bear garland pillows

bear quilt pull toy cross stitch
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  1. Teddy Bear Bib
  2. Bear Paw Cradle Quilt
  3. Crib Mobile
  4. Cradle Garland
  5. Happy Cross Stitch Pillow
  6. Ruffled Pillow
  7. Fabric Frame
  8. Teddy Bear Quilt
  9. Bear Cub and Wooden Pull Toy
  10. Cross Stitch Pin Cushion

NOTE!  Sticker on front cover as shown
Dated Year 1985
26 pages
Book Price:  $12.00 includes Postage and Envelope Costs