Pat Depke 5537.  Easy to Paint...
Year Around Wooden Shapes

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24 Special ideas for decorating, gift items, magnets and favors
Projects include...
  1. Heart magnet or favor
  2. Kissing geese wreath
  3. Shamrock wreath/magnet/favor
  4. Easter wreath/magnet/favor
  5. April showers basket top/magnet/favor
  6. Tulips with vine bow and magnet/favor
  7. Mom's trinket crate
  8. School's out wreath
  9. Dad's change crate
  10. Summer flowers basket
  11. Back door guests
  12. Welcome slate and magnet/favor
  13. Halloween wreath and magnet/favor
  14. Snowmen wreath and magnet/favor
  15. Welcome picket fence

  • Wide variety of wood cut-out
       decorative background boards and plaque ideas
  • You purchase the background; then decorate
  • Instructions on how to sand, seal, paint, paint and water wash,
       brushes, glue and hangers
  • 6 pages
    Price:  $12.00 includes Postage and Envelope costs