Pat Depke 8032.  A is for Angel
Easy to Make Classic Projects for the Holidays

christmas sampler patterns pine cone angel christmas cards decoupage
sweet gum wreath grapevine wreath hurricane lamp nativity
painted pillow quilled snowflakes santa velvet angel
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  1. Angel made from Pine Cones
  2. Pine Cone Tree
  3. Basket with Berries
  4. Christmas Cards
  5. Decoupaged Reindeer Box
  6. Elf Earrings
  7. Fragrant Sweet Gum Wreath
  8. Gift Wrap
  9. Holly and Ivy Wreath
  10. Jingle Bells and Bows
  11. Hair Bow
  12. Lamp with Potpourri
  13. Draped material for Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus
  14. Naturals Driftwood and Cardinal Centerpiece
  15. Victorian Tree
  16. Ornament Placemats and Napkins
  17. Fabric painted Pillow
  18. Quilled Snowflakes
  19. Draped Santa
  20. Velvet Angel
24 pages
Year 1993 book
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