Patons 106.  Afghans to Knit and Crochet
13 Knitting and Crocheted Patterns

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  1. Crocheted easy mesh row strips - Northern lights pattern
  2. Easy to knit garter stitch strips - Indian summer pattern
  3. Crochet afghan with matching pillow - Crocheted in blocks - Country garden pattern
  4. Knit in strips - Rippling waves pattern
  5. Crocheted mesh squares afghan - City square pattern
  6. Knitted in strips - Gingham lace pattern
  7. Easy to crochet motifs - Eternally yours pattern
  8. Knitted in lacy panels - Autumn leaves pattern
  9. Easy crochet hexagons - Blossom time pattern
  10. Knit popcorn and cable panels - Twilight reflections pattern
  11. Knitted feather and fan strips - Whispering breeze pattern
  12. Crochet granny square old favorite - Grannys delight afghan pattern
  13. Knit sculptured panels afghan - Sculptured beauty pattern
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